The kick returner for the Buffalo Bills and his poor decision making skills cost the Bills a win last night. Although his wish to make a play was commendable, the play he made was atrocious.

In case you missed it, the Bills had a 24-19 lead over the New England Patriots

with 2:06 left. ThePatriots kicked off, and all the Bills had to do was get two first
downs, and they’d win the game. Even if they didn’t the Patriots
would still have to drive the length of the field with little time

Well, the Bills kick returner fielded the kick in the end zone,
briefly thought about kneeling down, then decided to run it out.
As soon as he did that, I knew he was going to fumble and the
Patriots were going to win.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Had he taken a knee in
the end zone, more than likely the Bills would have won, and that
victory would have been a major boost to their franchise–it might
have made their season.

But, one mistake made at the wrong time undid 58 minutes worth of
pretty good work. The game, however, is played for 60 minutes.

Make sure your decisions are solid and don’t lead to crippling mistakes. Prepare yourself to make a good decision every time.


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  1. Lyke Teshome says:

    The most applicable situation i have on a daily basis, and it’s something that I think everyone had trouble with on a daily basis sometimes, when making a bad decision, and that is with how to manage your time every day. I feel this is applicable and effects most people when they have multiple agendas every day. How much time should I study for this test? How much time should I workout today? How long should I stay up to finish my homework? What time should I go to sleep? Time is a commodity that people just can’t afford anymore, especially when you get older, so Time Management is a very crucial skill, and one that will make your life SO much easier.

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