The New York Jets played a football game against the New England Patriots at Giants Stadium in New Jersey this past Sunday (09/20/09). The buildup to this game was widely chronicled in the national sports media and The Jets first year head coach, Rex Ryan, was accused of “disrespecting” the Patriots and their head coach, Bill Belichick. Basically, the Jets pointed to the fact that the Patriots had beaten the Jets eight straight times at Giants Stadium and warned the Patriots that they should not expect the Jets to allow that trend to continue. One Jets player even vowed that the Jets would “embarrass” the Patriots. The national sports media love this type of brash talk from opposing teams in any sport; brash (trash) talk sells papers and TV commercial time.

Well, the Jets huffed and puffed before the game and blew the Patriots doors off during the game with a dominating defensive effort and a very good offensive and special teams performance. After the game, during the post game interviews, Jets coaches and players mentioned early and often that they truly believed that they were going to be the better football team on the field on Sunday. As a team, all 53 men, believed that they were going to beat the Patriots and they did. How did it happen? Planning, preparation and execution. That is how all great success is achieved.

As a BETAA mentee, you can overcome all the obstacles that are placed in your path by planning, preparation and execution. Each class you must take on your march to graduation is strewn with obstacles, both real and perceived.  You must remember that your educational journey through NJIT is a dress rehearsal for what goes on in companies, non profit organizations (NGO’s) and governmental organizations all over the world. Learn to plan, prepare and execute now and your future will be very bright.

I will delve deeper into the Plan, Prepare and Execute topic further in future posts. Feel free to leave your comments. Thanks for your attention.


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  1. Lyke Teshome says:

    When I see something like this, it reminds me of something that can be a good or bad thing: hype. This article talks about planning, preparation, and execution, and all of those things are very valid methods to reach success. Although, a very good cause of having the will to do all of those things is hype. The buildup of the match was well chronicled. Hype and momentum are two very important things to be able to execute the three methods I mentioned earlier. To be able to have the drive to do well, is just as important as doing well itself in whatever you do.

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