As a new student to NJIT, I am sure you are fully aware that you are pretty much on your own. No nagging teachers, no period bells, not one person to force you to do your work. How are you coping with that? Are you pushing yourself to maintain your schedule laid out for you during the summer? Have you slacked off (even a little)? No? Great, keep doing what you have been doing! Is your answer yes? If so, you need to toughen up and get going again. Decide right now that you will discipline yourself and make a concerted effort to get up to speed and back on track with your studies.

You do not want to begin any type of  “downward spiral” towards not getting your work done. You must use your free time wisely. If you have something important (attend class, doctors appointment,  job interview) to do, go do it. Get it done and over with. If there is nothing urgent to take care of, mix your “social time” (chat with friends, video games, time in the gym) with your “responsible time” (study, research, write papers, do homework). Find your comfort level, be consistent, and make progress everyday. Once you find your comfort zone it will be much easier to stay on track and the last minute “cram” session or dreaded “all nighters” won’t be necessary.

This educational journey you have embarked upon will lead you to a very rewarding and satisfying career even during these troubling economic times as long as you do everything in your power to “take care of business” and excel in your studies. Even if you choose not to become an engineer or architect, if you stay true to your original desire of  doing whatever it takes to get your degree, you will be successful in whatever field you desire to enter.

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  1. B. Rochester says:

    This information is very timely. All of us can take advantage of it. Please make good use of this Blog.

  2. Emeka Chiedu says:

    I like what you’re doing Barry…Keep up the Great work!

  3. Ernest says:

    Excellent idea Barry. Brings BETAA Social Networking to a new level.

  4. Westmore Bowman says:


  5. B. Rochester says:

    Thank you all but Mr.Rodney Jackson did this blog, not me (Barry). We all have Mr.Jackson to thank.

  6. B. Rochester says:

    BETAA schedule for the rest of the fall semester
    Monday, October 5, 2009 room 3720 ITC

    “Time Management” Speaker Ms. Jasmine Raeford

    (1) Making the commitment

    (2) Create a time management environment

    (3) Participate in stress and relaxation exercises

    (4) Time management applications

    (5) Divide your study time

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009 room 3720 ITC

    “Financial Planning for College” Speaker Emeka Chiedu

    (1) Time is money

    (2) Avoid financial problems

    (3) Winning scholarships

    (4) Study smart financial plan

    (5) Managing college finances activities

    Monday, November 2, 2009 room 3720 ITC

    “Term Papers”

    (1) Brainstorming

    (2) Outline topic

    (3) Your instructor and the term paper

    (4) Your resources

    (5) Term paper application

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009 room 3720 ITC

    “Test Questions”

    (1) Using others as your academic resources

    (2) Memorize your notes

    (3) Memorize with 3 x 5 cards

    (4) Google search for questions

    (5) Who has the questions form last year

    Monday, December 7, 2009 room 3720 ITC

    “Understanding the textbook

    (1) Textbook topics

    (2) Textbook questions

    (3) Textbook application

    (4) Understanding your textbook summary

    “Understanding your Teacher

    (1) Resubmit assignments

    (2) Ask for extra credit

    (3) The teacher’s presentation style

    (4) Understanding your instructors research

    (5) Ending procrastination

  7. B. Rochester says:

    Enjoy your holiday, see you in January, 2010.

  8. B. Rochester says:

    Welcome back everyone time for hard work.
    This is the schedule for the Winter semester. You are required to come to all the BETAA meetings. The exact location for the meetings is room 3720 ITC. It has been confirmed for all of the dates. The meetings start at 6:00 PM and end at 8:00 PM The schedule starts as follows:

    Wednesday Jan 27,2010 6-8:00 PM * Welcome back and Intro to Financial Fitness for Life

    Monday Feb 1, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Our Story and The Economic Way of Thinking

    Wednesday Feb 24, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Effective Communication and Earned Income

    Monday Mar 1, 2010 6-8:00 PM* How close are you to your goals and Savings

    Wednesday Mar 31, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Time Management and Study Habits and Spending and Using Credit

    Monday April 5, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Exam preparation and round table with upper class BETAA and Money Management

    Wednesday April 28,2010 6-8:00 PM* Personal Evaluation and Banking Basics

    Monday May 3, 2010-8:00 pm* Job interviewing techniques and Decision Making and Managing Risk

  9. B. Rochester says:

    Happy MLK Day

  10. B. Rochester says:

    We are Haiti and Haiti is us.

  11. B.Rochester says:

    Great job on the historic events. Thank you very much Mr.Jackson. You are the best.

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