BETAA Alumni and Upperclass Students; please leave a comment with your name, major and class. Feel free to add a few congratulatory and/ or inspirational words for the BETAA Class of 2013. I’ll kick it off, join in anytime. Thanks for your attention.


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  1. The BETAA at NJIT Mentor says:

    Welcome to NJIT BETAA Class of 2013, good luck in all your educational endeavors!

    Rodney Jackson
    B.S.E.E. Class of ’84
    Blog Admin

  2. B. Rochester says:

    Thank you Rodney. Hopefully this will bring us together.

  3. CoCo says:

    Welcome back to all my future engineers and businees majors I look forward to seeing the new faces soon.
    Class 98
    B.S.I.E AND M.S.E.M

  4. Ron T. says:

    As I said before, this is a great tool and hopefully this “vehicle” will become rich with knowledge and experiences to share with our BETAA family.


  5. Diane says:

    Oh Happy Day – a site I can get to!
    Thank you Brother Barry for 20+ yrs of hanging tough.
    Insist, persist, and persevere. The struggle continues.

  6. Mawulom Nenonene says:

    Welcome on new and returning BETTA students. I will be glad to help in anyway i can.


  7. RobD says:

    I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. B. Rochester says:

    Once again, great info. I hope all of us take advantage of it.

  9. Welcome to all the BETAA students new and returning. Please take advantage of all the resources BETAA has to offer. Barry was an invaluable resource for me while in school. Students please feel free to contact me with any questions at kiandra.lewis@gmail.com. I hope to meet you all soon.

    Also if there are any BME students, I have the books for many of the courses. I have checked with the bookstore and many of the same books are being used as when I was in undergrad.

    Kiandra Lewis
    EOP 2001
    BS in BioMedical Engineering 2006

  10. B. Rochester says:

    Enjoy you holiday everyone. See you in January 2010.

  11. B. Rochester says:

    Welcome back everyone, time to work hard.

  12. B. Rochester says:

    This is the schedule for the Winter semester. You are required to come to all the BETAA meetings. The exact location for the meetings is room 3720 ITC. It has been confirmed for all of the dates. The meetings start at 6:00 PM and end at 8:00 PM The schedule starts as follows:

    Wednesday Jan 27,2010 6-8:00 PM * Welcome back and Intro to Financial Fitness for Life

    Monday Feb 1, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Our Story and The Economic Way of Thinking

    Wednesday Feb 24, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Effective Communication and Earned Income

    Monday Mar 1, 2010 6-8:00 PM* How close are you to your goals and Savings

    Wednesday Mar 31, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Time Management and Study Habits and Spending and Using Credit

    Monday April 5, 2010 6-8:00 PM* Exam preparation and round table with upper class BETAA and Money Management

    Wednesday April 28,2010 6-8:00 PM* Personal Evaluation and Banking Basics

    Monday May 3, 2010 6-8:00 pm* Job interviewing techniques and Decision Making and Managing Risk

  13. B. Rochester says:

    Happy MLK Day

  14. B. Rochester says:

    We are Haiti and Haiti is us.

  15. B.Rochester says:

    Great job on the historic events. Thank you Mr. Jackson. You are the best.

  16. Amanda Boodhoo says:

    My name is Amanda Boodhoo. My major is Finance and my graduation year is 2013.

  17. Theo Blount says:

    Theophilus Blount
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Freshman- Business and Information System Major

    Good day, i believe that BETTA is a great opportunity, and a great tool to help succeed in my future endeavors.

  18. Kyrell Williams says:

    New Sophomore – School of Architecture
    Hello all, I would just like to add that B.E.T.A.A is definitely a “vehicle” in the road to success. I also would like to congratulate everyone that contributed to such a beautiful opportunity as well as program, this is truly a blessing in disguise.

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