With the latest government report on unemployment at 10.2% (if you read the fine print real unemployment is between 16 and 20 per cent) and the talking heads on Bloomberg and CNBC trying but failing to spin the number positvley, I thought the BETAA family might be interested in learning how some government policies (heavily influenced and shaped by corporate interests) have lead to the economic squeeze being felt throughout the American middle class. During my YouTube research I stumbled across several videos by Elizabeth Warren, chairwoman of the Congerssional Oversight Panel for the TARP fund that the Obama administration used to bail out our Wall St. banker enemies. Ms. Warren is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard and has written two books; “The Two Income Trap” and “All Your Worth” and is in Michael Moore’s documentary on capitalism. The video is about an hour long, so sit back and relax or pop back when you have a free hour so you can watch and learn one reason (in my opinion the most important reason) why things have gotten so tough and look to only get worse. Thanks for your attention.


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