Let me start off by wishing all of you a happy and safe holiday season. My warmest wishes go out to you and your families. Hopefully, the new year will start out strong and things will improve economically.

If you are like me you get tons of  junk e-mail. Advertisements galore and offers for almost every type of product under the sun. I have an interest in online business ventures, health and wellness, alternative politics, etc. and I subscribe to many e-mail newsletters in these areas. Some of these newsletters are very good, but most of them are just junk advertisements with a few poor attempts at ‘relationship building’ thrown in. I got one of the ‘junk’ newsletters ( junk-letter) in the health and wellness arena the other day that caught my eye. The author asked if you ever mentally beat yourself up for doing something to yourself that you KNOW you should not  be doing. I have done this in the past and you may have too. The author goes on to say that if you are prone to mentally beat yourself up, don’t. Just arrange your circumstances in such a way that you can successfully limit the negative activity and lessen the mental stress you put upon yourself.

Example: Let’s say your weakness is junk food; cakes, cookies, chips, soda, you know, the bad stuff. Usually, if you see the bad stuff within easy reach you will eat it. Our junk-letter author says go ahead and have the cookie or the chips and then STOP when you have satisfied your craving. Remove the offending item from your sight and get on with something productive. Eating what is in front of you is standard human nature. It’s not your fault that you may get caught up in mindless eating. Think about our hunter gatherer ancestors, they had limited access to food, so when food was available they ate it. Nowadays, here in Obamaland, food is plentiful, but our natures have not changed. So go with the flow and think positively and tell yourself that your mind is in control not your nature and you’ve had your junk food fix for the day.

Wow! Great advice from a ‘junk’ e-mail. The key here is to be mature and really stop eating and mean it. Go about your business and leave the junk food alone for the rest of the day. When you can do this successfully AND consistently you will be able to control your actions and reduce the mental stress (guilt) and physical stress (excess weight) that you put upon yourself.

When you can extend this type of mental control into other areas of your life you will be much happier and more successful in your chosen career path.  What do you think?

Thanks for your attention.

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