More good advice from my collection of email subscriptions. I subscribe to several health and wellness email newsletters and every now and then, one of the authors will drop a nugget of golden information mixed in with the shameless self promotion. Here is one of those nuggets: (Note, all the shameless self promotion has been deleted)

Tis the season for excuses.

Oh, I’m not singling anyone out in particular. In fact, an old

friend once warned me that any time you point the finger at someone

else’s faults, you’d better take a serious gander at the four

pointed right back at you.

But the fact is, we can all afford to focus a little more energy

during the holidays on doing what’s right for our long-term health,

rather than just going with the flow of what “feels good.”

There’s no reason to sabotage 11 months or more of hard work for 30

days of carbs, sweets, egg nog, and too much celebration.

So, in the spirit of making a fresh start BEFORE the next year

kicks in, here are five proven ways to get off your “but” when it

comes to living well.

1. Get Organized. Chaos is the enemy of progress. Remove some

of the clutter in your life, your job, and your schedule.

2. Divide and Conquer. Setting health and fitness goals can

seem overwhelming, especially if it looks like you have a serious

mountain before you. So set smaller, clearly achievable goals.

Need to lose 50 pounds? Start with a 30 day goal of 6 – just under

2 pounds a week. Track your progress and stay focused. If you can

manage 6 per month, you’ll reach your goal by summer.

3. Just Get Started. We dither, dawdle, and delay – all the

while, that clock keeps ticking and the hours, days, weeks, and

months pass. In six months you’ll be six months older. That much

is certain. Why wait? State your goals and go for them today!

4. Seek Outside Help. Everyone needs coaching on something.

Get over the idea that you can do everything on your own. Invest

in yourself by leveraging the success of others. Maybe you can’t

afford a long term personal trainer. That’s okay. But spend a few

dollars to have someone craft a personalized exercise program that

includes both cardio AND resistance training.

5. Reward Yourself. You’re thinking, “is he kidding?!” No way.

If you follow steps 1 through 4 you will have some successes. And

the best way to reinforce good behavior is to reward it. When you

lose those 6 pounds, buy yourself that book you’ve wanted to read.

Take in a movie. Do something fun.



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