The popular self help course of the same name strives to teach you how to ‘manifest’ your desires into reality. This manifestation entails a single minded focus, belief and visualization that what you desire will ‘appear’ when you are ready. The focus and belief prepare your inner self, your mind, to accept the desired thing. This ‘secret’ works 100% of the time, but there is a step missing. That step is this: not only do you have to visualize and believe, you also have to create the conditions for your desire to come true. That requires work, and that’s where most people fall down. Not only does it require work, it requires specific work to make your desire a reality, work that gets results in the real world. That being said, however, it is eerie how well this works when you do the work. If you visualize something, focus on it, believe it’s yours AND you do the work to get it, you’ll get it. It’s scary how well this works. You can make it happen for yourself in your educational career as long as you believe that you will succeed and put the work in to succeed. If you want that 4.0 GPA it will appear–but only because you put in a lot of work leading up to it to make it appear. You can use the ‘secret’ to your advantage to prosper educationally, financially and spiritually.

Thanks for your attention.

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