Gilbert Arenas is in hot water with the NBA and the District of Columbia for bringing unloaded firearms to his place of employment, The Verizon Center in Washington DC. There are various stories floating around detailing the who’s and why’s of the incident, but none of that matters because Arenas has already admitted to violating NBA policy by bringing the weapons to an NBA arena. Arenas further fanned the already raging fire by condutucting an interview after the Wizard’s/76’ers game that basically inferred that the true facts are not known and he wants an apology once the true facts are revealed. If Agent Zero would just be quiet, and let the process play itself out, things will be much easier for him, other NBA players and other athletes in general. NBA Commissioner, David Stern has now decided to indefinitely suspend Arenas without pay, possibly ending his career if the DC prosecutor decides to press charges.
Make sure you as a BETAA student learn from this sad example of bad judgement.

Thanks for your attention.

Can I file for unemployment?


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