Today we will visit with Noble Drew Ali (1866 – 1929), known in his proper person as Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali. Noble Drew Ali is, in my opinion, the first historical figure to openly proclaim that the dark skinned people (the Moors) of this earth need to stand up and proclaim their birthright as the FIRST and GREATEST people on this planet. He opened the original Moorish Science Temple of America in Newark, NJ and later moved to Chicago IL. His teachings of racial pride (we are Asiatic because at one time the ENTIRE planetary land mass was called ASIA) directly inspired Elijah Muhammed, Father Devine and many other religious figures to move us towards consciousness and a recovery of our TRUE history.

This brief video gives a little background (time 1:14 to 4:58 Noble Drew Ali info):

This video shows info on additional teachings of Nobel Drew Ali:

This excellent biography (available here) lays it all out:

Noble Drew Ali, in his proper person, Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali was born in the state of North Carolina on January 8th, 1886. He was born of the (Moorish Indigenous) Cherokee Tribe and named at birth, Timothy Drew with Moorish and Cherokee descent. Noble Drew Ali received his free national name from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Saud. He traveled extensively and studied the Universal sciences of the “Most High” and the mystic disciplines required to reach self mastery (Moorish Science). Through diligence and determination, Noble Drew Ali (more commonly known), revealed to the Asiatics of the Americas that the European colonists systematically discombobulated, usurped and destroyed the records and history of the Indigenous Moors of the Americas (Amexem, Al Mauritania, Al Moroc). He set out to reconstruct the buried history and restore the divine creed and national parentage identity to the unconscious Asiatics of the Americas. He reconnected the broken circle of Nationality, Birthright, Divine Creed and their link to a Natal Land Mass; to the people incorrectly labeled Negro, black, colored, Indian and Ethiopian. He consistently urged the study of “Self” and the study of all religion from a scientific and psycho-spiritual perspective.

TheDrewNoble Drew Ali was the first national and international Moorish American Representative to proclaim and declare the Moors as a “nation” in America while re-planting the Moorish Flag back onto American soil. He was the first to “not” provide opposition to the Moorish Inquisition (slavery system) in America on behalf of the caste system terminologies of Negro, black, colored, etc. He taught that political fictions could not be identified with the family of nations and have civil liberties and human rights as a natural being “In Law.” He was the first to receive the authority to teach Islam in America as he established the first Islamic temple in America in 1925, the Moorish Science Temple of America. From that time until his death, his mission statement was to “uplift fallen humanity” through the five “divine” principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice; to teach the Moors in America to be “themselves” as their divine creed was the first religious creed (science to link one back to their creator) for the redemption and salvation of mankind on earth; and to promote economic security because a ” beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can they attain to a genuine enjoyment of the spiritualities of life.” He encouraged Moors to be diligent and industrious and to be able to provide for themselves as a sovereign and unified body. Although he advised Moors to be economically secure, he reiterated that “money doesn’t make the man; it is free national standards and (spiritual) power that makes a man and a nation.” Self-Knowledge, Self-Realization and Self-Revelation through the public declaration of your “divine creed,” and Moorish quotes of wisdom like: “Time never was when man was not;” “Man is a thought of Allah, all thoughts of Allah are infinite;” and “Life is spent to build the temple of perfected man” were the divine teachings of Noble Drew Ali. However, the public declaration of your “free national name,” “the constitutional standards of law by name and principle” and a “free national government” were his national teachings. Hence you have the Moorish Divine and National Movement in which he founded in 1916.

Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali left several important works for his Moorish family that would come some time later with their “(third) eyes wide open.” Of those several important works, two hold heavy significance in the royal science of “mastery of self.” The Moorish Holy Koran (MHK) and the 101 Questionnaire entitle, “Koran Questions for Moorish Children.” He strategically structured infinite wisdom and messages in his literature as well as on the cover of the Moorish Holy Koran as a symbol of a broken circle with a number seven in the center. Noble Drew Ali lifted the veil of deception by attending the Pan American Conference in Havana, Cuba in 1928. He received extensive recognition from numerous “Heads of State” of the Americas. They recognized his sovereign status as a Moorish National who represented the Moorish Nation in the Americas. He received a copy of a mandate that extended a land grant to the “entire” Western Hemisphere” to select European nations. In attendance, was the Secretary of state Hughes, from the United States Government and many other “Heads of State” whom realized the potential power of the Moorish Nation in the Americas. In 1929, Noble Drew Ali died a mysterious death and left an intricate code for Moors to decipher. Since that time, Moors in America, have been identified as “Black Muslims” and “Black Nationalist.” As stated in Noble Drew Ali’s original teachings, Moors were not, are not and never will be “black.” Therefore, Moors are not “Black Muslims” or “Black Nationalist.” There is no national land mass called “black” and no national flag for “black” because nations are identified by a national flag, a national parentage identity and a national land mass. Noble Drew Ali established a grand mission and the mission will be accomplished in due time.

Grand Sheik: Zothyrius Ali El


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