Today we will visit Haiti, the first Black Republic in the World. As we all know, a¬†devastating¬†earthquake hit the island nation in January 2010 and people are now struggling to survive day-to-day. Currently the United States and the United Nations are “occupying” Haiti and controlling a very poor attempt to help the people of Haiti. A few years ago, Haiti’s international debt was cancelled and there was a small sliver of hope that the island could begin to recover, but as soon as the earthquake struck, the IMF swooped in and offered $100 million in LOANS which of course would put Haiti behind the eight ball again.

Please visit this website to read a full history of Haiti.

Here is a video that explains how US policies helped Haiti to get where it is today:

Here is an interview with a Haitian political/human rights activist further exposing the turmoil in Haiti (3 parts)

Thanks for your attention.


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