On March 2, 2010 The Guardian, a newspaper based in the United Kingdom, published an article describing the fallout from the crash of the automobile and real estate industries in Detroit, Michigan. Click here to read the entire article. In summary, there are so many homes being foreclosed on in the city of Detroit that homes are available to be bought for as little as $1,000. Of course, some of the available homes are not in the best shape or the best neighborhoods, but they are available and opportunities abound for smart and savvy business minded individuals.
Could this be the beginning of a trend that we may see spreading across America? If it is, you may be able to get a nice house in a decent neighborhood for an extremely discounted price.


The economy in America today is in bad shape. You need to be flexible so you can take advantage of opportunities similar to those present right now in Detroit. It may not be real estate, but it could be an opportunity that could financially enriching.

Hang on tight, it looks like the ride is going to get bumpy.

Thanks for your attention .


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