Ok, Begin rant.

Talk about hitting a brother in the pocketbook!

PepsiCo has just slapped the consumer with a DOUBLE price increase on Tropicana Orange Juice. The size of the carton will be reduced to hold 59 ounces instead of 64 ounces and the price of this smaller carton will INCREASE. (EDIT; They are not increasing the price of the 59 ounce container, only the price of the 128 ounce container) This is a double dip to beat all double dips. The 64 ounce carton typically retails for $4.69 when it is not on sale here in my neck of the woods and now you mean to tell me that the price for a 59 ounce carton of Tropicana is going to be more than $5.00? WTF? PepsiCo claims that the January 2010 freeze in Florida has caused prices of the oranges it uses in its juice to increase. I guess PepsiCo thinks the consumer is stupid. We all know that the supply of oranges will rebound and the prices will come down later this year, but PepsiCo will NOT reduce the price of its product to reflect this inevitable decrease in the price in oranges. They will just pocket the difference.

Other companies have reduced the size of their containers in the past, but they kept the final retail price the same. Coca-Cola, which owns Minuite Maid and Simply Orange brands is raising prices 9% on those brands on April 5, 2010, but they are keeping the packaging the same size. The Simply Orange brand is already sold in a 59 ounce container so I guess that is why Tropicana is shrinking their cartons.

Click here to see an article describing this blatant corporate theft. I guess it’s time to buy PepsiCo (PEP).

Ok, End rant.

Thanks for your attention.


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