Yesterday, as I was browsing the web via The Drudge Report, I came across the craziest news article I have EVER seen. To sum up, an American woman living in New Jersey (figures don’t it) named Donna Simpson, who already tips the scales at a whopping 602 pounds, is actually trying to GAIN weight to break the world record of 1000 pounds. Crazy right? If you are in doubt, click here to see the article. Maybe we need to send Michelle Obama to talk to this woman. Maybe Michelle and Oprah can both go and talk to her. Somebody needs to talk to this woman.
Folks, this is a prime example of setting a goal that has no positive benefit. Exactly what good can come from weighing 1000 pounds? I can’t think of a single good thing. Think about what is actually happening here, this woman is using positive techniques (goal setting, positive thinking) to achieve , in my humble opinion, a negative outcome. What a HUGE mistake (no pun intended). Please don’t emulate the thinking patterns of this woman. If you are going to set a goal make sure it is a goal that when achieved will ENHANCE your life, not detract from it.  Sure this is America and Ms. Simpson is free to do whatever she wants to her own body, but man choosing to weigh 1000 pounds is not my idea of a goal to achieve.

Now there is one redeeming item in the article, Ms. Simpson helps to pay for her $815.00 weekly grocery bill by running a website where people  can whip out their credit cards and PAY TO WATCH HER EAT! You go girl!

No I do not have a link to her website. 🙂

Please let me know what you think about the article, leave a comment .

Thanks for your attention.


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