BETAA Students,

I am currently (5/27/2010, 1:15pm EDT) watching the President of the United States (POTUS) try and control some of the damage his reputation has taken over the seemingly poor response that the Federal Government and BP (formerly British Petroleum) has had in protecting the shores of the States that border the Gulf of Mexico. It is obvious to me that the plan that was put into place was faulty since it took almost 40 calendar days for POTUS to hold this press conference. It boggles my mind that POTUS would allow his advisors to place him in this predicament. Now here he is, on national TV, trying to COVER HIS ASS! What a joke. Don’t get me wrong, I support the President and I love this country, but I just don’t understand why he hid in the White House and failed to go on national television to explain to the Amrican people EXACTLY what the federal government was doing DAY BY DAY. Poor crisis management, poor image management, poor communication skills, EVERYTHING is poor, poor, poor. BETAA Students, pay close attention to what is going on in this situation. Make sure you learn to quickly assess any professional situation you are involved in and keep all parties involved fully informed on a CONSISTENT basis. DO NOT DO WHAT YOUR PRESIDENT HAS DONE! Ok, that is the end of my rant.

Thanks for your attention.


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