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William “Bill” Randall is a candidate for the Republican nomination for a congressional seat from North Carolina’ s 13th district. Mr Randall, a Navy veteran, while answering questions at a press conference, suggested that the Federal Government and BP were colluding to flood the Gulf of Mexico with oil. Mr. Randall clearly states that he has no proof and he is only stating his personal opinion.  He based that opinion on the publically available reports that BP and the Federal Minerals Management Service (MMS) had a relationship where BP practically wrote its own inspection reports and MMS signed off on whatever BP reported in the inspection reports. Mr Randall suggests that there is more than enough evidence in the public domain to call for a subpeona of records to find out how so many blatant safety violations were allowed on this particular oil rig when there were so many successful rigs operating safely in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr Randall is pointing out some very important topics and has expressed an opinion many regular Americans may hold. Glad to see that there is at least one politician left that has some integrity and backbone. It is really refreshing. Here is the video:

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In video, Randall says Feds and BP spilled oil on purpose

Republican Congressional candidate William “Bill” Randall is suggesting that the Obama Administration and BP conspired to intentionally spill oil in the Gulf, resulting in 11 deaths and the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history.

Randall, who has aligned himself with the Tea Party movement, readily admits that he has no evidence that what he says is true. But that is not stopping him from making the claim as he campaigns for in the June 22 GOP runoff to face incumbent Democratic Rep. Brad Miller on the November ballot.

“Now, I’m not necessarily a conspiracy person, but I don’t think enough investigation has been done on this,” Randall said at a media conference on Tuesday. “Someone needs to be digging into that situation. Personally, and this is purely speculative on my part and not based on any fact, but personally I feel there is a possibility that there was some sort of collusion. I don’t know how or why, but in that situation, if you have someone from a company proposing to violate the safety process and the government signing off on it, excuse me, maybe they wanted it to leak.

“But then it got beyond what was anticipated, and we had an explosion and loss of life. And, oh man, now we have panic. Is there a cover up going on? I’m not saying there necessarily is. But I think there’s enough facts on the table for people that (they) really need to do some investigative research and find out what went on with that and get a subpoena of records and everything else.”

Randall made the statements after a reporter asked him if he supported President Obama’s six-month moratorium on new deep water drilling for a safety review in wake of the disaster.

Pressed on what possible motivation the federal government and BP would have to purposely spill oil, Randall said he had no idea but reiterated that the issue needed to be the subject of investigation.

Both Randall and his GOP primary opponent, Bernie Reeves, have been outspoken supporters of oil and gas exploration off the North Carolina coast, where drilling has long been banned.

Randall, a U.S. Navy retiree who moved to North Carolina 19 months ago, led in the results of a four-way primary last month, edging out second-place finisher Reeves by just 135 votes.

Asked for comment, Reeves responded through a campaign spokesman: “Does Bill Randall also think we didn’t land on the moon?”

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