BETAA Students,

Time to lighten the mood a little and reminicse a bit. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that brought back a flood of great memories? Well, that happened to me today and I had a ball on Google and You Tube searching for some of my favorite JAMZ! First, a little look at what RAP/Hip-Hop was like when I was entering college WAAAY back in the day:

Believe it or not “Rapper’s Delight”, by the Sugar Hill Gang  still ranks in the top 15 of most “Top 100 RAP/Hip-Hop Songs” lists I have seen on the internet. It ranks #2 on the VH1 list.  This record was released as a 12 inch vinyl single back in 1979. No CD’s, iTunes or Amazon downloads back then.

 Here is another Sugar Hill Gang hit:

Ok, ok, here is a link to the Fresh Prince dance that popularized the song in the 90’s:

When RAP/Hip-Hop started, many folks considered this record as the best description of the “hood” ever represented on vinyl:

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five were a legendary RAP/Hip-Hop group and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. The Message is on EVERYBODY’s top 25 greatest RAP/Hip-Hop songs list. The lyrics to this record are legendary and allowed folks not from the “hood” to get a glimpse of just how rough things could get. 

Moving into the future a bit we get this:

From Musical Youth in 1983. This song was a HUGE hit in the early ’80’s. Pass The Dutchie was a cover for Pass The Kutchie by the Mighty Diamonds. Man, The stories I could tell related to this song… but, since this is a clean blog, Oh well.  The Kutchie was slang for the pipe use to smoke marijuana in the carribean islands. Musical Youth changed the lyrics and removed all drug related references since they were a very young act and “apparently” knew nothing about passing a Kutchie.

Here is the original from the Mighty Diamonds:

Later in the ’80’s the ladies started to make their voices heard and one of my favorites was:

I remember those hairstyles, jewlry and spandex suits like it was yesterday!

And moving forward into the ’90’s

Juicy by Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) may be the greatest RAP/Hip-Hop record ever made .

And on into the 21st century:

Did anyone ever find out who let the dogs out?

As you progress in your carrer, make sure you stop every once and a while and take note of what is going on in the world around you. Promise yourself now that you will make time to make positive memories. I like to link music to some of my favorite memories, maybe you like doing that also. Life is all about making memories. Make sure you make as many positive memories as you can while you can. You do not want to grow old and have only negative memories to recall. That would not be much fun. 

Thanks for your attention.


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  1. I remember when I was in high school most of these songs got me some good rap with the ladies!

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