I was cleaning out my e-mail inbox and I came across this article about weight loss. The info comes from Dr. William “Bill” Thomas Stillwell who sells pharmaceutical grade fish oil and other supplements. Good tips in my opinion. If you need to drop a few pounds read on…

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Today, I’m going to try and explain a simple concept about the body
and how it works. I may be using some words you’re unfamiliar with,
but this really isn’t rocket science.

As I’ve been writing about lately, the body is built to run on
protein, fruits and vegetables, just as cars are built to run on
gas. Today, some cars run on other fuels, but all of those options
have drawbacks and in some cases, the drawbacks are significant. You
can be a vegetarian, frutarian, vegan, raw foodist and so on, but no
matter what you claim, in most cases, your body is not going to
function optimally on any of those diets.

One only needs to visit a Whole Foods Market to see what damage that
lifestyle can do. You can buy all the food you want, with organic
ingredients, but when you combine those things with rice, pasta,
bread and packaged products, you are still sucking up sugar.

All the crapola (the processed carbohydrates), cause your blood
glucose (blood sugar) to spike. Simple and complex carbohydrates are
both converted into glucose once they enter the body. The difference
is HOW they are converted. Complex carbohydrates (like fruits and
vegetables) convert more slowly than do simple, or refined
carbohydrates (ie., “crapola”). When you eat crapola, your glucose
level shoots up and overloads the system.

Your pancreas then reacts, by secreting high levels of insulin.
Insulin is a hormone that acts as a delivery boy, or courier. It
takes nutrients (glucose) into your muscles, liver and fat cells for
immediate use as fuel. When you eat simple carbs, the sudden drop in
blood sugar (hypoglycemia), that results from insulin pushing the
glucose into the cells, causes you to feel HUNGER and sometimes,
even light headed and lethargic.

The typical response is: EAT! Drink a couple of sodas! Chomp down on
some candy bars!

Then you do it again and again, because you think you are hungry.
This is a vicious cycle.

When your blood sugar is high, your body cannot access fat for fuel
(because it’s using the sugar first). And if it can’t access the
fat, you can’t lose any weight. You can spend hours on the
treadmill, the stairmaster, running, doing cardio till the cows come
home, and still not lose any weight. You can actually get fatter.

But once you stop eating the crapola, the fat melts away, like ice
cream in 100 degree heat.

If you’re fat (and studies say 50% of the population is fat, so
there’s a good chance you are), your body systems are not working
properly. That means things are not going where they are supposed to

There are two things you need to do to get started on the road to

1) Start taking a pharmaceutical
grade fish oil that will help start getting all your wires
connected again, and then keep them running cleanly
2) Stop eating crapola.

Yes, there are more things to do, but that’s enough to get started.
One of my readers lost 17 pounds in two months, just by eliminating
soda from his diet. Now, he’s working on eliminating rice and pasta.
Big Will Shakerear put it best: To be fat, or not to be fat, that is
the question.

Click here to visit Dr. Bill’s blog. I am not affiliated with Dr. Bill in any way, I just like his health tips

Thanks for your attention.


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