Found this item while browsing the Drudge Report. Looks like the technology to make the Biblically prophesied “Mark Of The Beast”  is being field tested now. There is no need to physically “mark” anyone as suggested in the Bible, the “mark” is already present in or on your body now. The following article describes the efforts of a vending machine company involved in testing vending machines that will allow payment for purchased items via eye retina scan or thumbprint scan. Once this technology becomes stable and accepted by the public at large (the sheeple) in vending machines it will be a simple step to move it into the local supermarket and the corner store. Once the technology becomes ubiquitous it will be a simple matter for the “government rulers” to “cut off” undesirable citizens. Wow…

Article Source

Vending Machines Of The Future

Published : Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010, 7:03 AM EDT


MYFOXNY.COM – Your thumbprint might soon be the key to an afternoon candy bar. A Massachusetts based vending machine company is joining the growing ranks of companies that are field-testing new technologies.

Next Generation Vending and Food Service is experimenting  with biometric vending machines that would allow a user to tie a credit card to their thumbprint.

“For a certain demographic that is pretty cool,” says company president John S. Ioannou.

Next Generation is currently testing about 60 of the biometric machines in various locations in the northeast.

The company is also testing other technologies. Ioannou says the key to the transforming the vending machine business is making the consumer feel more engaged.

The days might be numbered where a consumer watches a bag of chips roll through the machine and drop. Next Generation is also testing a machine that includes a 46″ touch-screen display that acts similarly to an iPhone display. The user can click on an item, flip the image and even see the nutritional information on the back of the packaging.

Ioannou says initial results are good saying, “The feedback is extraordinary.”

The machines include internally mounted cameras to monitor what is going on outside of the machine.

The tests are scheduled to run through the end of 2010. After that, Next Generation will decide if it is worth rolling out across its sales region in the northeast and Pennsylvania.

The company is also installing wireless or Ethernet connections on all of its current machines so there will be real-time reporting of the amount of goods in the machine for restocking purposes. Monitors will even be able to report when a coin is stuck in the machine. All of the current machines will be upgraded by the end of 2011.

There are other innovations that are being tested outside of the United States, including machines that use retinal scans to identify and charge consumers for their purchases.

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