Spotted this item via The Drudge Report. Looks like at least one car design team gets it. Nice use of sustainable materials in an environmentally friendly car design. Too bad the design is concept only and won’t go into production.

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Calgary company plans to make car bodies from hemp

The latest buzz out of the automotive world is from Calgary’s Motive Industries, which announced it would introduce an electric car whose bio-composite body is made from hemp.

The prototype of the four-passenger, zero-emission vehicle, known as the Kestrel, is to be unveiled at an electric mobility trade show in Vancouver in September and would be the first of its kind in Canada, the company said.

Its body is built from hemp grown in Vegreville, Alta., outside Edmonton, and processed into an impact-resistant bio-composite material produced by the Alberta Innovates Technology Futures program, the company said.

“We saw a unique opportunity to make significant advancements in the automotive sector and support the Canadian auto sector by providing sustainable products to create new green manufacturing jobs,”said Nathan Armstrong, president of Motive.

The hemp bio-composites work as well as those made from conventional materials such as fibreglass and are also lighter, environmentally friendly and less expensive, according to the Alberta Innovates program, which helped fund their development.

Composite materials are currently used in some Formula One cars and other high-end vehicles made by Aston Martin and BMW, said Motive vice-president of design Darren McKeage.

McKeage said Motive, a seven-person design and engineering firm, said the group has designed the Kestrel’s body and interior and is relying for its powertrain on other developers.

McKeage said Motive has no plans to manufacture the Kestrel but to present it at the trade show — known as the VEConference and Trade show — to demonstrate what can be done with the bio-composite materials.

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