Found this while reading my numerous email newsletters.  Your future employers will be judging you in a similar manner, unless you wind up working for the government, then you probably don’t have to worry. No one who works for the government is really expected to produce anything of value anyway.

Written by John Alanis

A few years ago I hired a few guys to do some online marketing work for me. I explained to them quite clearly that the way I measured success was the money I received because of their work was greater
than the amount I paid them.

Common sense, huh? Furthermore I told them I didn’t care how they produced the result as long as they produced it, and didn’t do anything that would harm my business.

Weeks went by, and I asked them for a report. They said they were merrily working, and that I should see results soon. I reminded them what results were, and told them not only had I better see them soon, I wanted a detailed report showing how close we were to getting results.

A few days went by and I finally received a report from them, detailing all the hard work they’d done… and it looked like they did, indeed, have their nose to the grindstone.

There was one problem however… their efforts, no matter how well intentioned, had not produced me one thin dime. And I started to get very grumpy.

But, look how hard we are working, they whined. I told them I didn’t give a frog’s ass about how much time they put in or how hard they worked, all I cared about was the result I made them keenly aware of in the beginning.

Furthermore, I didn’t care if they were working 5 minutes a day and playing golf the rest, as long as the dollars I received were greater than the dollars I gave them.

This came as a rather rude shock to them, as it does to most people. They were used to having their butts patted, and ‘atta boys’ showered on them for their hard work, even though they didn’t get the results they were paid for.

Turns out these guys didn’t know how to get the results promised even though they thought they did, and “worked hard” to deliver them. So, I had to run them off, as soon as it became apparent no results would ever be forthcoming.

If you want to succeed in your life, you must insist on results, not rubbish… and you must insist on this from YOURSELF more than anyone else. If, for example, you are not succeeding with women no matter how hard you work, you are delivering yourself rubbish instead of results.

You have to hold yourself and others accountable for what you have defined as your result, and you cannot deviate from it. If you do, you’ll have lots of hard workers, and no results.

And that, my friends, just doesn’t get it done. Rubbish is
rubbish, results are results.

Thanks for your attenion.

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