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I found this item while sorting through my many junk email subscriptions. The lesson being presented is one you all need to pay attention to. This was written by John Alanis, an sales and marketing expert.

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A few days ago I went to the CNN website to look at the spin on the
day's news, and to see what the girlie men in the media were up to.

There was an article, posted in the business and money section,
telling the woeful tale of an unemployed 24 year old woman who'd
been laid off... twice.

The first time she was laid off was after a year.  The second time
was after three months.  Now, there's no doubt the economy is bad
and many people who could contribute in the pre-recession economy
can't find work doing what they were doing then.

But this young woman's occupation is a bit different, because I
happen to know something about it.  She is... an advertising

Now, I happen to be one of those myself, and a pretty darn good
one.  I know how to put words on paper that get people to send in
money.  Moreover, I back my work up by spending my own money to run
my own copy in magazines and in direct mail pieces, neither of
which are cheap.

If I didn't know what I was doing, I'd have been broke a long time
ago.  But my copy tends to bring in more money than I spend to get
it out there, so it's obviously working, and has for a long time.  

Moreso than ever, this particular skill is in demand... no one who
truly knows how to put words on paper that get people to send them
money can ever be fired or laid off.  Quite the opposite--desperate
business owners stand in line to give them money, and they name
their fee.  They turn away work, it doesn't turn them away.

So, obviously this woman is not a very good copywriter--in fact,
she's a lousy one based on her results.  And the reason she's lousy
is because she didn't study her craft, didn't pay the price to earn
a skill that can keep you in the black forever.

Sadly, that's one of the reason so many people are broke, and so
many men settle for the woman who just showed up, not the one they
really want:  they refuse to do what it takes to learn the skill.
Then they pee and moan about how unfair it all is, blaming everyone
but themselves, while still getting no results.

There's no shortcut to success--at some level, you have to pay.  And
it's a steep price, but the rewards are worth it.  But what few
realize is there's a price to not paying the price... and in her
case, it's being laid off twice by age 24.

What will it be for you?  There's no reason to find out... instead,
pay the price for success, and observe others who choose to pay for
failure.  Hell, you can see them featured on the CNN website daily.

Here is a link to the CNN Article.

Take the time to explore all your options and make sure you are putting in the work required to excel in your studies so you can excel in the work arena.

Thanks for your attention.


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  1. Barry Rochester says:

    Good advise thank you

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