I want to spend a few minutes talking about goal setting and developing plans. Goal setting is a very important skill to develop if you plan on making a career in Engineering and Science. If you become adept at developing plans, setting goals and meeting milestones, you can advance your career very quickly. Managers at Engineering based companies are looking for intelligent and organized candidates. People who are successful at anything usually work very hard to achieve their goals. But these people don’t just randomly work hard. They have goals and plans that are very specific and you should too.

The Difference between Goals and Plans

You can define goals and plans however you want. However, usually goals are where you want to end-up and plans are how you think you can get there. For example, you’re ultimate goal might be to get an A in your Calculus class. To achieve this you make very specific plans for how you’ll achieve that goal, what to study, who to study with, and how you’ll prepare for the individual quizzes and the final exam.

Setting Goals

Always have a goal and always know what that goal is. But you don’t want to become too concerned with the goal. This could overwhelm you and distract you from the things you need to do each and every day to reach that goal.

You should also set more than one goal so that you can achieve a goal every few days or at least every few weeks. So if your goal is to get that A in Calculus, begin with a goal of getting your assignments done and scoring high on the first quiz of the semester.

Begin With A Plan

While having goals is important, having a plan (or plans) is even more crucial. The plans are the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Without plans your goals will forever be unrealized dreams.

You should always have a plan for every project you want to complete. You also need to make a plan for what you want to do every single day. Then follow the plan and make sure you complete what you need to finish according to the plan.

Goals and Plans are your Map to Success

Without goals and plans, you might as well as be playing the lottery because you’ll have about the same odds to succeed. Goals and plans are just that important.

Make attainable goals that are tiered so that you can reach a goal at least every few days. Then make detailed plans that will allow you to reach your goals. If needed, you can always adjust your plans if something unforeseen happens. Just don’t ever completely lose sight of your goal and don’t ever stop planning to reach that ultimate goal.

What are you goals for the next semester?
What are you plans to attain those goals?
Thanks for your attention.

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