Change your attitude and change your fortunes. The video below shows just how powerful this can be. Just remember, the lesson given in the video applies to what you think as well as what you say.


Thanks for your attention.

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  1. Lyke Teshome says:

    Whenever, I watch a video like this, with the sad background music, I either get really sad, and don’t want to watch it, or I just get so sad, that I have to keep watching it. The latter happened with this video. I understand how helpful the right words can be to someone on a bad day. What I don’t understand about people is that, when they know they’re saying hurtful words, why do they not care about how big that impact that could be on someone? I think if they want to get their anger out on someone, they can do it, while understanding what it’s going to do to them. The thing I think people don’t understand about words, is that, if you know which words to day in the right situation at the right time, so many good things will happen to you, but because that kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday, nobody is willing to stop and think about the true impact of something we do everyday:talking

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