Here is another email from my ever growing pile of junk email. There is a valuable lesson contained within. Not sure if this story is true or just fancy copy-writing, but the point being made is a good one: If you are not open to abundance and opportunity you are operating from a point of scarcity. An abundant attitude is an “I can do it” attitude, while a scarcity attitude is a “It costs to much” or “I can’t afford to take a risk” attitude. The email was written by Kevin Thompson, the “Automatic Income Coach”. I have edited out the “salesy” stuff for you…

What I’m about to share with you, while definitely

controversial, packs a huge lesson.

I released the first version of the Automatic Income

System in 2004, and since that time, we’ve sold more
than three thousand copies.

While the overwhelming majority of people love this
product, and the life-changing information it offers,
there’s a small percentage of the population who have
returned it for a refund, saying that it’s nothing
more than hogwash, and a waste of time.

The first time someone sent me a negative review of the
Automatic Income System, I made the mistake of taking
it personally, and even went so far as to question the
value of what I had to offer.

But as time went on, it became increasingly obvious
that these nay-sayers were the minority… NOT the


For a long time, I wondered, “How can two people
receive the exact identical product, yet have such
widely differing opinions about it”?

The good news is, that over time, I’ve come up with a
VERY good answer to this question.

And the answer has absolutely NOTHING to do with the
product itself.

In all cases, the product was the same, other than the
fact that I’ve updated it over the years.

The difference lies in the person who receives the
product, and here’s my take on it:

One person comes from a place of abundance, while the
other comes from a place of scarcity.

And it just so happens that a real life example of what
I’m talking about unfolded on my blog last week.

I had shared some insight into how I go about achieving
my own goals, while simultaneously enjoying my life to
the fullest in the here and now.

Two of the people that commented were Ro and Joseph.
Ro said…

This truly resonates with me.

Over 30 years ago, as a second lieutenant, I wrote down
my goals for the future: to make major below the zone,
to attend war college, to get a masters degree, to make
colonel, to retire somewhere spectacular and wild, to
become a US Senator.

I made major 3 yrs below the zone (early) and Lt col 2
yrs early, and col 2 yrs early, then passed the goal to
earn a star.

I got a masters degree on scholarship at full pay,
retired from the Air Force in Alaska, and decided
politics was not for me.

So, I met or exceeded all those goals, or decided on
learning more that it wasn’t for me.

My vision for retirement was to continue working on
something that made a difference, build my dream log
home, have horses, and eventually work for myself.

Now I work on launching rockets for NASA, flying
unmanned aircraft for science and civil support, and
constructing an icebreaker for the university.

I moved into my log home last year, will soon plant my
first garden there and move my horse to the property,
and have begun planning to move from employment to my
own coaching business and professional cat breeding.

Part of that goal is to develop streams of income that
are independent of each other and independent of
government budget decisions – and so your program,
Kevin, is on my plan, along with learning to build and
maintain my various websites, or at least maintain
them, for each endeavor.

My life is testimony to the principle that if you
dream it and keep the dream in view as the many
decisions of life come along, you will achieve the
dream and better.

Best wishes to all just starting out, and thanks,
Kevin, for the chance to post this.
Joseph Said…

One thing that everyone forgets is that even people who
can not work outside of their home due to a disability
or handicap, will look online for work, however, those
who are in such poor state of being can not afford to
pay to join some group and pay for web hosting fees,
advertising, or membership fees.

They simply do not have the income to get started.

And even if they do and become the greatest online
worker ever, they can not afford to keep doing it
because the cost of doing it eats up the profit and
then they can not pay their rent and medical costs, and
transportation costs, and food cost and utility bills

So it is a rat race of banging your head against a
brick wall in hopes of finding something that will
allow them to make a little extra money to make life
better for them and their friends and family without
going deeper in debt.

So if you ever find a free system that is totally
without cost, please let me know.

= = =

I don’t personally know Ro or Joseph, but I can most
certainly tell you that one has an abundance mentality,
and the other has a scarcity mentality.

So let me ask you, where are you coming from?

What kind of mentality do you have – abundance or

Because the fact is, the choice is completely up to you.

Hope this gives you some insight.
Kevin Thompson
“The Automatic Income Coach”
P.S. Hopefully you’ll get the lesson… because it’s a biggie.

So, are you Ro or are you Joseph?

Thanks for your attention.


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  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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