In my opinion, the World is at a huge fork in the “road”. Financialy, things are crumbling and the numerous “bailouts” have not worked. With today being Dr. Martin Luther King Day here in the United States, it looks (to my eyes) like things have actually gotten worse since Dr. King died. Personally, I feel that Dr. King’s dream is still alive (just barely), but even with a “so-called” black man as president, people of color are STILL catching HELL here in the U.S.A. What say you?


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  1. Mecca Wright says:

    Any way you see it; black people are still catching hell to this day in America. You would think that after all those years of people like Martin Luther King fighting for a better life for black people that things would be better, but there not. Black people are faced with so many obstacles day in and day out with no help from the country that enslaved them. People of color represent the highest rate of people that are unemployed, incarcerated, contract diseases, and have the highest death rate. Our people were chained and shipped to a country and were treated as property and still to this day we are treated like objects. Many black people are in the system whether it is government assistance or incarceration; at any given time the white man in charge can just move us around like pawns in a chess game. Many of our people have died fighting to make the world a better place for us, but as seen it is still a hard journey for us to get far. The fact that or ancestors were slaves and they were dragged to a country and had nothing explains why to this day we haven’t accomplished as much as we intended to do as people. I can’t just blame everything on the white man; the majority of the black people haven’t put forth enough effort to better themselves. As soon as our people realize that there is more to life than welfare, drugs, and designer clothes then one day we can be more than just pawns in this game

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