Victoria Murray



First Semester

            My first semester could have been better than what I have because I am smarter than what was reflected on my GPA. I know how to manage my time better than how I did first semester. Now I wondered how I got a 2.0 my first semester is the question. After reflecting on how I did and looking back during my winter break I saw where I went wrong. I came to the university like I was still in high school. Not realizing the work load is hard and I have to put in more studying time because college they don’t teach you. You teach yourself and if you don’t get it you have to seek the help. Nobody is going to tell you what to do and when to do it. That is your job to handle your work and make time for things. If you want a social life you can but it has to be when you are done with all your homework. If you want that good paying job you have to work your butt off in school if you want to get it. Nothing in college is like high school and you can’t approach it like it is. Such as someone has stated to me over the summer, “It is a different animal.” I had to get a 2.0 to realize this and I NEVER have gotten a 2.0 GPA. It really hurt me to see that. Now this semester I know I have to work harder than I have ever before. In addition to that dorm takes great discipline because people are always talk and having fun in the hallways and it’s your job to say no and do your work. Making it through your first semester dorming and getting a good grade is hard but at the end of the road it is all worth it, because you wouldn’t be that person working at a retail store or some fast food restaurant.


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  1. Barry Rochester says:

    Welcome to the real world. Now get to work.

  2. Davina Jackson says:

    It’s usually the first semester that’s a wake up call for the incoming freshmen. My first semester I had a 3.0 GPA. My distractions came during my second and third semester. It’s great to always keep your focus, no matter what. Just don’t be hard on yourself for this, keep your head up high, and keep on truckin’.

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