Olaudah Equiano

I read the article about Olaudah Equiano, who was a former slave, seaman, abolitionist and writer. More importantly, I chose to write about this person because he came from my native land, Nigeria. Equiano, unfortunately, had to endure the terror of slavery and the hardship of the middle passage as a child. He finally ended up in Virginia where he weeded grass and gathered stones, but he did not have to withstand this treatment for long because a naval captain named Captain Pascal bought him; Equaino worked on warships and trading vessels. While under the ownership of Pascal, Equaino learned how to read, write and perform arithmetic. As a result, Equiano started to save his money because he wanted to buy his freedom.

Once Equiano obtained his freedom, he underwent great hardship because many people attempted to enslave him again. As he continued to maintain his freedom, Equaino met influential people and experienced mind-engraving events that compelled him to fight for slaves. For instance, he attempted to pass a bill to improve the condition of slaves on the ships. He also published an autobiography detailing the personal hardships he endured. More importantly, Equaino’s book played a pivotal role within the abolitionists’ movement because people could internalize and reflect on the difficulties slaves suffered.

In short, Equiano’s voice played a vital role in abolishing slavery and his contribution to the cause will always be greatly appreciated. His intellect and passion drove his meaningful message to inspire and propel people to change their views on slavery.


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