The Trayvon Martin tragedy is being exploited by Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson and the idiots who produced the tee shirt shown in the image below:

Why do we as Black folk always MESS UP?
























There is no need for this type of response to the lack of action to the Trayvon Martin execution. Instead of making stupid tee shirts, this fool should be organizing a fund raiser for the family. Why as Black folk do we always MESS UP? First the New Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on the head of the shooter; Zimmerman,  then Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson look to stir up an actual lynch mob to go after Zimmerman. Then the silly tee shirt. All this before all the facts are out. Why? Why not wait until the full story is out? Was Zimmerman wrong? Yes. Should he be in custody? Yes. Has the response by our so-called Black leaders been appropriate? Hell no.

Now word is seeping out that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon first and there is a witness that corroborates his story. Wow! Now what guys? The race card has been played and your bluff has been exposed. What is the next move?

I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.

What say you? Please comment below.

Thanks for your attention.



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  1. Mr. West says:

    I feel as if to wrongs dont make a right and you cant fight racism with hate and disgust u have to fight it with love. With hate and disgust comes more racism.

  2. Mecca Wright says:

    I agree with Mr. West there is so much controversy with the case dealing with Trayvon. That is all the black community talks about. They are calling Zimmerman races because he was a non-black man who killed a black young man. My problem is if Zimmerman was a black man the story would have not got so much publicity. I live in Newark and black people kill one another every day, it’s not right but it’s the facts. They don’t publicize how black people commit crimes on their own people, but since the guy is not black he has to be races. Honestly I think that he feared his life, if I was to see a black man walking down the street with a hood on, I would grab my purse close to me and take out my pepper spray. I’m not the type of person to kill anyone, but I know that it is a crazy world out here and you have to be careful. I rather be safe than sorry, like my mother always say, “I rather be judged by 12 and not carried by 6.” It’s not fair that another black mother has lost her son and it’s not right that people are adding more fuel to the fire. There is always a better way to handle a situation, and I feel that the black community has gotten extremely out of hand when trying to bring justice.

  3. Nyija Butler says:

    I respect the masses for not just writing this tragic moment off and ignoring. However, I’m ashamed for the lack of publicity on the wrong doings of our “leaders”. We raise hell when someone is being racist towards an African American, but to react with violence stomps over the hard work that was put into making us an equal. How do you respond to Trayvon’s killer with the same type of hatred that caused this problem in the first place? To react in this manner is setting a terrible example for the children. I also believe that you cannot trust all of the words from the media. They have a long history of hiding things and manipulating its viewers. We need to keep an open mind.

  4. Brandon Simms says:

    I can only imagine the pain and suffering Trayvon Martin’s family must be going through right now. Hopefully, they can put it to rest, now that Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder. I am ashamed, yet not surprised with the actions of the new black panthers, Al Sharpton and people alike. It’s funny how the African American community takes honor in remembering heroes like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, individuals who have made their stand agaisnt violence with assertive peace. But when incidents such as this they seem to forget all of the teachings past heroes risked their lives to uphold. Sadly, no matter how hard certain individuals try to uphold the black community, there will always be individuals such as these, that tear down everything heroes have worked for in a matter of seconds.

  5. Melanie Griffin says:

    The Trayvon Martin story is a very sad story & shows the racial stereotypes that still exists throughout the world. You look suspicious from wearing a hood, eating skittles, and drinking an Arizona Iced Tea? Granted, us as blacks shouldn’t take things to that extreme by putting hits out for someone and wearing questionable t-shirts, but fighting for justice should be taken to certain extremes. George Zimmerman is a very cruel man for what he has done & the pain and suffering he has left Trayvon’s family. Justice will be served and he will get what he deserves. But us as Black people need to become more educated about situations before we take things to the extreme.

  6. Victoria Murray says:

    The Trayvon Martin story just show that racism is still around in America. We can’t be blind to this and some people can’t get past the fact of living near or in the same place as a minority. This is physical proof of that. Wearing a hoodie doesn’t mean you are going to steal something because if you walk down the street of a breezy day and its chilly out. Most of the time every other person is wearing a hoodie what makes this boy any different. So the man’s reason makes no scense what so ever and anybody that would agree with him has no logic at all. So as us being minority/black people need to stop getting into trouble and more of us get through school because at the end of the day your brain and education will get you on to better things with your life.

  7. Raphael Roman says:

    The fight for racial equality and justice still continues. After so many years we would start to believe that racism has come to a miniscule stature, but clearly we still have to deal with these complications. The Trayvon Martin story is a good example to how strong of a free nation we have become, that we can finally stand up to what we believe and stand together. I know how much the Trayvon family had to endure from their loss, I do give my condolences, and I do support their widespread protest because it hurts to see another brother gone on account of racism. Though, I do not support the people who do not take precaution in the actions they take, which make the racism just come back into play. To say something like “Pussy Ass Cracker,” does not change the fact that Trayvon is gone, nor does it assist with the protest for justice. What it does provoke is more violence and racial slurs, because that phrase is not only attacking Zimmerman, but also all the whites, even those for Trayvon’s family.

  8. Christopher Thornton says:

    As mentioned in the comment below the pictures, folks should have at least waited for all the facts about the story to be revealed. So that way they know exactly what they are protesting about. Although we all know that Zimmerman is the responsible for this tragedy, the circumstances behind the incident were not clear just yet. to all these so called “support Trayvon” campaign, some of the people, or supporters, are bringing the wrong attention to the case. Examples such as the T-shirt shown above and hundres of images floating around the internet, showcases in how many ways supporting a cause can go wrong, most of the blame can be placed on the face that our fellow african americans are not taking the proper measures to support, however, our african american leaders are not doing much better themselves, which opens the door to the nonsense we have been exposed to.

  9. Marcelyn Williams says:

    The Trayvon Martin story is a very sad and heart aching story. Its sad to see that in 2012 people are still being victims of racism to this degree. My parents are from the south so growing up they always told me and my sisters certain things to do. How to present ourselves in public to not give people reason to stereotype you anymore than they already do because of our color. We were always told not to wear our hoods on our head unless it was raining outside. Even though we are girls they say with a hood on your head they can easily mistake you as a male and find reasons to bother you. Its sad but since we know there is still a lot of racism in the world we should make a better effort to avoid being classified as a “hoodlum”. We should also take more pride in ourselves as a race to be bigger people then these racist that are still out. By making tee- shirts with racial slurs on them wont help the situation, and it will only make other races think less of us than they already do.

  10. Lyke Teshome says:

    Honestly, this is a message that sometimes, there is no true justice. It took a while for Zimmerman to get caught, and that never would’ve happened if the media didn’t get involved. Even more so, he was just a kid. On top of that, with all of this controversy, every story just feels like a whole lot of crap. Then someone makes these t-shirts, thinking that it will actually help. The fact is they won’t do anything. It won’t help that fact that a kid got killed, and it didn’t do anything to get Zimmerman charged with manslaughter. Whoever made these shirts better have had the right intentions.

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