Summer break is almost over and I am back ready for a new school year. A hearty welcome to all especially the Class of 2016. Let’s look at a few videos that show us the truth, the real truth and not the “history” reported in the school books.

Here is a little food for thought:

In one of  the videos above the origin of the word Blackmail is explained. In many of the online sources I looked at, I found explanations similar to this:

blackmailextortion by threats or other strong pressure
‘Mail’ here is an Old English and principally Scottish word for tax, rent or tribute, and ‘black’ is used in its familiar figurative sense of dirty, bitter or wicked. Black mail originated in the borders of England and Scotland in the 16th century when outlaw chiefs exacted tribute from small landowners in return for immunity from plunder.

Notice that Black is said to be used in its figurative sense. No explanation is given about who the outlaw chiefs were. Strange, the definition infers that the outlaw chiefs and small landowners were of the same race or culture, but if that were the case why the emphasis on the word black, especially when the inhabitants of those times (Old English remember) did not differentiate figurative from actual when speaking or writing. So was Blackmail just a “wicked” tax or was it a tax paid to a Black person.

Thanks for your attention.


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