I found this article via Drudge Report.

Homeless LA Man Handing Out Resumes At Freeway Entrances

LOS ANGELES ( — One homeless Los Angeles man has resorted to panhandling — not for money, but for a job.

Christopher J. Boyd, 44, has been spotted alongside Los Angeles freeways, handing out flyers listing his diverse skills, which include marketing, property management, construction and professional driving. His objective? To become gainfully employed and get out of homelessness.

“I’ve been all over LA,” Boyd said. “I got tired of going to interviews, going places and not getting hired.”

Boyd’s tactic has caught attention after a picture of his flyer was posted on Reddit and went viral. He says he’s gotten plenty of attention, with some desired results – he interviewed Thursday for a marketing job for the Proposition 30 campaign.

“I’d be good at that,” Boyd said.

Boyd says he is still homeless, staying at PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), a homeless shelter for men and women.

“I’ll take anything, just to get some money in my pocket.”


Resume of Christopher J. Boyd, homeless man in Los Angeles California.

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I think this tactic is a desperate one but it is imaginative and unique and just goes to show that once you get motivated to make a positive change to your situation, you can and will do ANYTHING to make that change happen.

Thanks for your attention.

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