Below you will find my opinion about the latest blog posting discussing the 49th Anniversary of Greatest Speech of the Twentieth Century.

While I listened to the speech delivered by Revered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have come to realize that America has come a long way and much has changed in how people interact with one another. Although racial injustices and disparities still exist among different parts of society, the blatant act of racism is not as prevalent as before. I do concede, however, that prejudicial emotions and stereotypical beliefs still play an unfortunate yet powerful role in how people perceive one another.
With this acknowledgement, one could assume that people would try their best not to satisfy the requirements of negative beliefs held about their own group of people, yet some people continue to act within the guidelines of getting associated with these negative beliefs. However, should we blame them for acting ignorantly, inappropriately, or even arrogantly? I believe we should not hold them responsible for reinforcing that negative association, and should call into question the people associating that behavior as a dominant characteristic or trait with a particular group of people as the culprits of reinforcing stereotypes and racism.
For instance, rather than saying Bob acts ignorantly, they say ethnicity X act this way. Even more comical, rather than saying these 100 people act so inappropriately, they say ethnicity Y act this way. This assumption is unrepresentative of the overall population and completely lacks substantive evidence to represent a majority. Maybe I am just rambling, but this speech made me ponder on this subject and I had to share my opinion.

Tito G. A. Nurudeen Jr.

NJIT Class of 2012
BS Candidate in Science, Technology and Society
Member, Dorman Honors College

About The BETAA at NJIT Mentor

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