Came across this information in one of the many email newsletters I subscribe to. The message is intended to sell a product, but I felt that the information conveyed is important to share here. The author is Vic Johnson owner of All the sales related stuff has been redacted.


It gives some a constant and gnawing pain in the pit of the

Others drink more or smoke more because of it.

It causes some people to be right on the edge of success and then
sabotage their own efforts.

It’s killed more dreams and ruined more careers than all other
causes combined.

FEAR may be the worst enemy of the human species.  And it’s been
with us since the beginning.  The Book of Genesis speaks of fear
and it appears throughout the Bible, Torah and Koran.  Who can
forget the classic line from the Old Testament that was delivered
by Job when he said, “That which I feared most has come upon me.”

In fact, it seems the older we get the more prone we are to
allowing fear to control our lives.

And right now, with the worst financial crisis of our lifetime
(brought on in large part by FEAR) continuing to cast its shadow
to every corner of the world, fear is rearing its ugly head in more
people’s lives than ever.

To defeat fear all you have to do is to LEARN how to manage it –
how to master it.   I heard the late great Zig Ziglar on numerous
occasions say that “courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the
mastery of it.”

Thanks for your attention.


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