All active students should take a look at the articles I have linked to below. These articles really drive home the points that were made at the 2013 Fall Semester BETAA meeting on Study Tips. Please read through each article and implement as many tips and methodologies as you can into your study routine.

Study Tips For College

Note Taking Strategies

How To Study

Thanks for your attention.



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  1. Lyke Teshome says:

    I find that these notes are very helpful, especially the 45/15 rule, My main problem, is that I really like to take breaks, or I work too hard and take no brakes. Working hard is of extreme importance, but the harder you work, the idea of relaxing becomes more and more appealing, and eventually you just decide to stop working. Now what I like to do is work enough to where I feel satisfied, before I take a break. Setting up daily goals is a manageable way to do that. If you are tackling something really huge, break it down into sub-assignments, so that it doesn’t seem so challenging, to the point where you constantly take brakes, and wind up not doing any work.

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